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Collection of VFX work for new and reworked characters on League of Legends.

Kanai's Cube Uber Recipe UI VFX
Winston's Tesla Cannon VFX
Reinhardt's Earthshatter VFX
Greyhollow Island Environmental VFX

Environment Art

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Greed Realm Props
Treasure Chests
Town Props & VFX
Diablo Pinata
Leahs room
Eternal Woods Lighting and VFX
King Kanai Throne Room
Greyhollow Island Lighting & VFX

This work was done over the course of the Diablo 3 project


About Neal Wojahn

I am an Artist and Game developer in Southern California

who has  over 14 years experience and worked at Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment on such titles as

World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3,

Overwatch & League of Legends. 

I am currently seeking new work that will

challenge and inspire me.


© 2020 Neal Wojahn

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Here's a small collection of VFX I did while working on the Overwatch and Diablo Teams